Since 2007, we have been transforming one of Europe’s former largest industrial areas in Leipzig-Plagwitz into a sustainable, mixed district for housing and commerce, art and culture. In our now five contiguous quarters, the Plagwitzer Höfe, we are successively refurbishing and revitalizing old and heritage-protected factory buildings and all halls.

A35 A37 Neu 1920

CO2-savings through renewable energies

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CO2 savings through the purchase of green electricity

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The Plagwitzer Höfe are pioneers when it comes to sustainability. We focused on renewable energies at an early stage and installed Leipzig’s largest PV system here, with 5,684 solar modules on a roof area of around 9,600 m2 . In Quartier A, we are going one step further: with energy generation using methane electrolysis, whose use is unique in the real estate industry, we are already demonstrating how the latest technologies from our country can be used to actively and practically protect the climate. Our technology mix also includes several photovoltaic plants, a hydrogen storage facility with electrolysers as well as fuel cells, charging infrastructure for e-mobility and an H2-ready combined heat and power plant. The linchpin is the energy center, which controls the entire supply to the neighborhood. In terms of CO2 savings, we even manage to achieve a climate-positive balance – in other words, we avoid more CO2 in the heat supply to the buildings than we cause. We offer the surplus of green electricity that we generate to third parties.
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Weißenfelser Straße
04229 Leipzig


37.434 m²

Gross floor area

approx. 60.500 m² (Residential and comercial)


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Status 01.03.2024

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