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Ecobuilder Christoph Gröner ecobuilding

Christoph Gröner

CEO Gröner Group AG

“ecobuildings are ahead of their time – in the result, a different way of building and a new kind of building. They are ecological, economical and digital. Continuously innovative ideas are needed to further advance these products, which are unique in the market.”

Ecobuilder Ronald Pofalla ecobuilding

Ronald Pofalla

COO Gröner Group AG

“With ecobuilding s, we put sustainability on an equal footing with high-quality architecture, economic efficiency and people’s needs. In doing so, we provide affordable and environmentally sustainable housing for everyone in society.”

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Ecobuilder Dr. Thorsten Jörn Granzow ecobuilding

Dr. Thorsten Jörn Granzow

Managing Director of tec2green GmbH and energy2green GmbH

“For each individual project, we conceive an individual energy design for our neighbourhoods as a team. We achieve CO2-neutral energy solutions by using various innovative technologies for renewable energy. Our ambition as an energy provider is to sustainably supply the business with a green footprint.”

Ecobuilder Inka La Ruffa ecobuilding

Inka La Ruffa

Head of Human Resources at CG Elementum

“Our employees form the decisive basis for our success. We offer our employees a long-term perspective and a workplace that corresponds to their own sustainable values.”

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Silke Rath

Project Manager at CG Projektmanagement GmbH

“I was already ecologically committed during my studies. The company’s strategy is in line with my long-standing vision and aspiration as an architect to build sustainably and thus shape the future responsibly.”

Ecobuilder Silke Rath ecobuilding

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