Braugold Areal

The site of the former traditional Braugold brewery is located on Schillerstraße, not far from Erfurt’s main train station and directly adjacent to the city park. Here, following the winning design of the urban development competition, the listed buildings of the brewery, such as the old boiler house, will be comprehensively renovated and supplemented by new buildings. In addition, the impressive vaulted cellars and barrel cellars beneath the site will be restored and converted into a modern underground parking garage.
As part of the neighborhood development of the Braugold site, around 254 apartments will be realized, in addition to which two commercial units are planned at ground level.

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CO2-savings through renewable energies

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through renewable energies

CO2 savings through the purchase of green electricity

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Our energy concept includes photovoltaic systems, decentralized heat pumps and charging infrastructure for e-mobility by means of busbars. In addition, an ice storage facility with a storage volume of over 1,000 m³ is used, which can supply the local energy network with heating and cooling all year round on the basis of a wide range of environmental energies from the ground and groundwater. Energy generation with the ice storage is combined with state-of-the-art heat pump technology, which in turn is also powered by our green photovoltaic electricity. These technologies avoid fossil energy and related greenhouse gas emissions.
In the sense of biodiversity and with the involvement of experts and nature conservation authorities, several 100 m2 of vaults were prepared for the largest bat colony in Thuringia, which lives in the old fermenting cellars.

Project data


Schillerstraße 7
99096 Erfurt


18.777 m²

Gross floor area

approx. 27.200 m² (Residential and comercial)


In planning

Project pictures

Status 01.03.2024

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