After decades of standstill, we have been converting the industrial wasteland of the old postal station northeast of Leipzig’s main train station to new uses in several construction phases since 2020. In this way, the former world’s largest railroad post office facility of its time is being transformed into a new, spacious and modern commercial quarter. The former halls and office buildings will be carefully renovated and adapted to the requirements of modern commercial space – including state-of-the-art energy-saving technologies and contemporary lighting concepts.

The Mariannen-Campus is divided into the North, East, South and West areas. In the northern part of the Postbahnhof (Mariannen-Campus North), office, warehouse and workshop space has already been created following extensive renovation. The southern part (Mariannen Campus South) with the old station concourse and the listed adjacent buildings, as well as the adjoining former roundhouse (Mariannen-Campus East) are currently being extensively renovated and redesigned. Where wagons used to be unloaded, bright, flexibly configurable commercial space with historic flair is being created.

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CO2-savings through renewable energies

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through renewable energies
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CO2 savings through the purchase of green electricity

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At the Mariannen South and East Campuses, we rely almost exclusively on renewable energies. The use of fossil fuels is thus almost completely avoided. This is achieved by maximizing the use of solar energy and environmental energy from the ground. More than 3,800 m² of photovoltaic surface, 89 geothermal probes with more than 12,400 bore meters and at least KfW 55 for new building sections (many building sections even KFW 40 as well as KFW 100 for the southern existing buildings with monument protection requirements) are aimed at in order to become one of the first climate-neutral quarters in Leipzig. A photovoltaic system with approx. 1,500 modules and a module surface of 2,500 m² is planned for the building of the old station hall alone. This makes it the largest building-integrated photovoltaic system in Leipzig. The heat demand will be covered almost exclusively by the ground: for this purpose, 89 geothermal probes with a depth of approx. 140 m will be installed. The heat pumps for tapping the heat and cold from the ground are preferably supplied with green electricity from the photovoltaic systems. Many quantities of CO2 will also be saved by using the existing buildings, which will be carefully integrated.
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Adenauerallee 6, 8, 10

04347 Leipzig


68.901 m²

Gross floor area

approx. 81.800 m²


In planning and execution

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Status 01.03.2024

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