In a quiet location, directly on the beautiful banks of the Havel River in Berlin-Spandau, the sustainable residential quarter STADTLANDHAVEL is being built. The revitalized architecture of the former powder factory with the striking water tower creates new living spaces in the quotation of tradition.

The landscaping lovingly continues the special atmosphere of the waterfront in the interior of the quarter and in its gardens. Clinker brick, the traditional characteristic of the industrial monument, also adorns the new building.

238 BEW 210706 Dachgeschoss Blich aufs Wasser AMH Vorabzug

CO2-savings through renewable energies

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CO2 savings through the purchase of green electricity

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With a climate-friendly energy concept, the new residential quarter focuses entirely on sustainability: thanks to environmentally friendly materials, efficiency house standard 55, photovoltaic system, air-source heat pump, hydrogen-compatible combined heat and power units, green roof areas and e-mobility parking spaces, future residents in STADTLANDHAVEL will live sustainably and in harmony with nature.

Project data


Kleine Eiswerderstraße 14
13599 Berlin


11.449 m²

Gross floor area

approx. 23.100 m² (Residential)


Under construction

Project pictures

Status 01.03.2024

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