The “Zukunft Nord” area in Karlsruhe’s northern city center is the site of a former U.S. shopping center where a new urban quarter is to be built. In the northern part of the area, the GREENVILLE, we are planning to build around 700 apartments as part of a comprehensive revitalization project.

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Planned CO2-savings per year

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per year
Truck kilometers
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through renewable energies

The goal of the GREENVILLE neighborhood development is to create future-proof housing and a corresponding infrastructure in particular, while at the same time meeting the aspect of sustainability and ecology. The energy concept will provide renewable energy at the site to avoid the use of fossil fuels and thus achieve a good greenhouse gas balance. The renewable energies that will be used include solar energy, which will be generated at the site via solar green roofs for green electricity. In addition, rainwater retention is planned. Currently, the use of air-source heat pumps to harness the environmental heat in the outside air is also being investigated.
At GREENVILLE, we are also placing special focus on protecting against overheating in summer and increasing biodiversity by significantly reducing land sealing and making the site greener.

Project data


Erzbergerstraße 131-141
76149 Karlsruhe

Object typ

Urban development


Residential & Commercial: 97.700 m² (GFA)
Residential Units: approx. 694
Parking spaces: approx. 891


approx. 2026

Project pictures

Status 01.07.2023

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