Rhein Lahn Living

The new “Rhein Lahn Living” quarter is being built on the site of the former Löhnberger Mühle mill.
Different forms of living will be realised in this quarter. The time-honoured mill will shine in new splendour as a residence for senior citizens. It will be surrounded by flats facing the Rhine, condominiums, but also affordable rental flats. Small commercial units complete the picture.

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CO2-savings through renewable energies

Tons CO2 less
per year
Saved emissions in truck kilometres
through renewable energies
0 %

CO2 savings through the purchase of green electricity

Tons of additional CO2 savings
per year
Saved emissions in truck kilometres in total
total CO2-reduction
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The energy supply of the neighbourhood is to be largely provided by environmental heat sources, which offer great potential due to the location on the Rhine. For this purpose, the thermal use of river water or groundwater is planned. Water is to be extracted via discharge structures or wells near the banks (bank infiltrate wells) and used for environmentally friendly heating and cooling. Heat pumps are used for this purpose, which extract energy from the water or the outside air and
from the water or the outside air and provide the desired heating temperatures. Passive cooling can also be used to achieve particularly energy-saving cooling without refrigeration machines. Together with the photovoltaic systems on the roofs, which generate green electricity for the heat pumps, this innovative energy concept achieves CO2 savings of 72% compared to conventional supply solutions.



Didierstraße 25-35
56112 Lahnstein


64.332 m²

Gross floor area

approx. 96.300 m² (Residential and comercial)


In planning

Project pictures

Status 01.03.2024

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